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Add colour to your playground with our brand new recycled plastic planters

The natural environment is crucial for all children to explore and investigate. They can gain first-hand experience of nature through touching plants, smelling flowers and watching and handling insects (if they're brave enough!). Class projects can take place outdoors, where children record patterns in the natural environment, different types of trees and the number of spiders or worms they find. It gives children a chance to be free, use their imaginations, get creative and have fun while learning at the same time.

recycled plastic planter

Here at Plastic Furniture Company, we want to give this opportunity to all children, which is why we have manufactured our brand new 100% recycled plastic planters. These planters are perfect for creating mini-gardens for schools that don't have the natural environment close by so that no child has to miss out.

Our recycled plastic planters are perfect for any playground. Anything can be grown in them - from plants, flowers and even vegetables, encouraging children to take responsibility for their project, learning how to take care of it and watching the progress from start to finish.

The 100% recycled plastic planters are maintenance-free, do not rot, corrode or splinter and are the perfect product to keep outdoors permanently. And for that extra peace of mind, the recycled plastic planters come with a 10-year guarantee (at least!), so you can rest assured that the product will last for years.

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