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What everyone ought to know about school outdoor furniture

Is your playground looking bare?

Do you want your children to spend more time outdoors but you haven't got the facilities?

Then you need to read on!

School outdoor furniture in playgrounds is very beneficial. Not just for children, but for teachers too. It lets children explore, get fit and healthy and learn about the environment around them. It can also be a place where teachers can take a break, recharge their batteries and plan their lessons. It gives everyone a chance to appreciate the great outdoors. 

So why do more schools not have more outdoor furniture?

With the introduction of digital devices to the marketplace, we have seen a decline in children spending time outdoors. Gone are days when children spent every waking hour playing outside with their friends. This decline also spans further to learning outside the classroom due to the reduced budgets and curriculum changes. Children are not making the most of the great outdoors as they used to. 

Learning outdoors is imperative to both teachers and children, and the playground should be an extension of the classroom. Learning outdoors comes with an array of benefits, including:

  • Making learning more engaging - if children don't get the chance to learn outdoors, this can affect their concentration levels within the classroom, making them feel like they can't wait until break time. Taking the classroom outdoors can help children concentrate better and witness first-hand what they would learn in a classroom environment. 
  • Making learning relevant - taking children outdoors can help enhance concepts they have learnt in the classroom, making these a reality. Some children who find a particular subject tricky can help them better understand the mechanics around it. 
  • Nurture creativity and imagination - taking the classroom outdoors can open children's minds to an array of possibilities and get their creative juices flowing. They can explore the world around them and put into reality the subject they are learning. 
  • Develop and learn through play and experiment - when children are happy, they tend to learn more and are more engaged and is no exception for when they're outdoors playing. Play is a vital part of children's development and can help them remember more about particular subjects. Learning outdoors can encourage children to experiment more. They may be more encouraged to pick up bugs in a science class, which they once feared in the classroom, or even be a little more adventurous when playing with friends. All these experiments are imperative for children, as it makes children think and even push them out of their comfort zone. 
  • Improve attendance - bringing learning outdoors into the school day can motivate children to attend school and increase attendance. 
  • Reduce behavioural problems - being outdoors has many perks for children. When learning outdoors, children will feel like they have more freedom than learning in the classroom, therefore reducing behavioural problems and motivating children to learn more. 
  • Expose children to new opportunities - the list is endless of what children can learn outdoors, enhancing their potential within their school life and beyond. 
  • Keep healthy - not only are children learning in their natural environment, but they're also keeping fit and healthy by being in the fresh air. They will be moving around, exploring and using muscles they have never used before. 
  • Enjoy almost limitless resources - the best thing about learning outdoors is there is so much that children can learn and use within the natural environment that they can't source within the classroom. Children can use their imagination with the resources around them. 

Learning outdoors is so beneficial to children. It not only helps them grow and develop but keeps them fit and healthy. But what happens if you're planning lessons outdoors, and there's nowhere to sit to carry out these lessons or embrace mother nature and enjoy the fresh air? Then this is when you know you need outdoor school furniture!

Here is the reason why you need school outdoor furniture. 

Here at Plastic Furniture Company, we always encourage using the playground as an extension to the classroom, which is why we manufacture a wide range of outdoor furniture perfect for these situations, making learning outdoors a reality. All of our products are made from recycled plastic, encouraging outdoor learning. With our range of picnic benches, table and bench sets and learning curves, we can guarantee the products will be the best thing you've purchased. 

The benefits of purchasing recycled plastic products:

  • maintenance-free
  • do not rot or corrode
  • save time and money on maintenance costs
  • splinter-free
  • vandal resistant
  • comes with a 10-year guarantee

The variety of school outdoor furniture products means we have something for everyone. So why not plan your next lesson outdoors to see your children grow and thrive. 

Visit our website today to find out more. 

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